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running out of ink

running out of ink

"When you're running out of ink, the only person that can refill you with those things is you."

Book Description:

In running out of ink, we are introduced to author Jen DeSanctis, who has struggled with mental health, relationships, death, substance abuse, and more. We see a narrator who has a joy and zeal for life faced with obstacles, beginning in the second grade. DeSanctis witnessed the butterfly effect of one moment starting at seven years old. She emphasizes how one moment can change everything.

Ultimately, after accumulating struggles, she hit her lowest point on the night she calls “running out of ink”; it could have been the end, but it wasn’t. DeSanctis explores the life challenges and losses which led to the loss of self, and her determination to fight through the darkness and find herself again.

running out of ink, in poetic form, is a beautiful memoir that explores the fact that only you can save yourself. Jen DeSanctis illustrates that, despite your past, you can be re-born. Move forward. Take back control. Now is the time to re-write your narrative.






jennifer desanctis


Jennifer DeSanctis published her first poetry-infused memoir, "running out of ink," when she was 22 years old. She is currently pursuing her Master of Science degree in Strategic and Digital Communication at Drexel University. Jen has plans to return to writing in the future. "running out of ink" is not just her first memoir, it is the beginning of her first book series.

"I believe that authenticity is power. I hope to inspire people, specifically young women, to always be true to, to love themselves, and to live their truth. I want to be the person I needed when I was younger." 

"I hope to make a difference in how mental health is viewed, in two different ways. First, overall, ending stigmas and changing how we view and treat mental health as a society. Second, personally or individually. Everyone's journey looks different. That includes not only different challenges and struggles, but healing and recovery." 



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